We recently completed a new 6 room, secondary school at Ban Lad Hane.

Ban Lad Hane: N20 05.450 E102 07.954

This project was sponsored by Wunderman, a global Digital, Data & Direct communications company.

Current secondary school at Ban Lad Hane 2010
Old secondary school at Ban Lad Hane 2010

The school was in desperate need of replacement. There were about 360 students trying to study in 6 classrooms that were only 40m2, with dirt floors complete with large black scorpions, bamboo walls and a leaky roof.

As this is only one of the two secondary schools on a 120km stretch of the river, many of the students come here from neighbouring villages along the river, and board at Ban Lad Hane during the week.

Ban Lad Hane student welcome at opening of new secondary school
2012 Over 400 Ban Lad Hane students turned out to welcome us at the opening of the new Wunderman sponsored secondary school


Ban Lad Khammune: N20 2.687 E101 58.225

We first visited this village in 2007 and the school was an absolute wreck. The children had to move around on the dirt floor to avoid getting wet during the rainy season, one wall was missing and it was simply too small for 120+ children. Two classes were taught in the same room, with a teacher and a blackboard at either end!

2007 Old School:

Old Ban Lad Khammune school

Old classroom at Ban Lad Khammune 2007


2009 New School:

Ban Lad Khammune new school 2009

The villagers were so keen to improve the education of their children that they all pitched in and had it finished in record time, even to the extent of raising some money of their own to get it mortared.

Ban Lad Khamune School Opening Nov 2009


There’s a fabulous community spirit at Ban Lad Khammune, they are always so hospitable and it shows.

We’ve now supplied 8 tonnes of cement for the villagers to build a rock retaining wall in front of the school so that the children can now play on a level playing field, with fabulous views overlooking the river.