Over the past 20 years we have accumulated extensive off-the-beaten track travel experience across the region and have used many boats and guides to get us into remote places. We like to support those whom we trust, have provided excellent service, and have gone way beyond what is expected of them.

The qualified guides all speak English, and are contactable by email or mobile:

Anywhere in Laos and we mean anywhere:    Xangnoi – Laos guide supremo for VIP’s, motorcycle tours, back country, whatever you need.
Plain of Jars in Phonsovan:    Suen – expert Plain of Jars and surrounds guide, also an English lecturer at the local university.

Angkor Wat and surrounds at Siem Reap:    Wibol – excellent guide especially for the more remote temples ruins in the mountains 60km outside Angkor.

Dien Bien Phu:     Hoan – knowledgable local guide who covers the battle grounds where the French met and were defeated by the Viet Minh communist guerillas in May 1954, which then led to US involvement in Vietnam.

Laos Mekong Boat Skippers:
These 2 experienced and skilled boat captains have lived all their lives on the river and know the seasonal navigational hazards that differ from month to month. Both are safety concious which is why we use them, but neither speak English.

Wandee: – 45m steel river boat, fitted out for “VIPs” with sunroof, comfortable seats, western style loo, can buy beer, snacks, etc onboard. Fabulous Laos food cooked by his wife Thonglom. We have been using Wandee for over 6 years and he’s always been trustworthy and very helpful. Can collect you in Huayxai or Luang Prabang.

Udom: – support boat for kayaking, carries all the gear and will get you into some very remote spots in his 6m long-tail, wooden fishing boat.